100pcs Disposable Replacement Mask Pad Disposable Filter Respirator Pad For N95 KN95 Non Medical


>>>This is the disposable item,it did not support return goods and refund,thanks.

>>>the masks is not included, just the masks pad.

1. How often do you suggest to replace it?

It is recommended to replace it once every 2 hours, and the single piece should not exceed 4 hours.

2. How much is appropriate for going to work, going out, etc?

It is recommended to take 5 tablets out of the house every day and change them every 2 hours between 9 and 18 o’clock. On the way to and from work, it is recommended to replace the masks sdirectly if you are travelling on vehicles with high crowd density.

3. How to increase the number of times masks are used?

Use disposable masks during working hours, one can hold 3-5 masks; On the way to and from work, it is suggested to change directly. After arriving at the destination, one masks can meet the demand of working time in one day by changing masks spads.


Name: Masks Replacement Pad

Size: 90mm*120mm

Meterial: Non woven fabric


Made of spunlaced viscose nonwovens, multi effect isolation, more safe protection.

Breathable and skin-friendly, bringing you a safe breathing experience.

More effective isolation and protection, more reassuring electrostatic adsorption particle.

Put disposable face masks pad on the inner side of common face masks, and can be replaced if there is peculiar smell.

Can effectively filter haze, dust and other fine particles, prevents second-hand smoke and automobile exhaust.

Suitable for professional protective masks, disposable medical masks, ordinary civil masks.

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