16 Oz Amber Glass Spray Bottles (2-Pack) for Essential Oils | Homemade Sanitizer | Anti-Bacterial Cleaners

Amber Glass Spray Bottles for Essential Oils, Aromatherapy and Homemade Cleaners | Empty 16 oz Refillable Brown Amber Glass Bottles – 2 Pack with Labels | Adjustable Spray Nozzle | Perfect for Essential Oils, Homemade Cleaners, Natural Air Fresheners

AMBER GLASS SPRAY BOTTLES are BPA free and protect your natural essential oils, keeping them intact so you can harness their power for cleaning and other home tasks. Amber glass is UV resistant and bleach-safe! 

CONVENIENT 16 OUNCE SIZE allows you to create natural home cleaners and other essential oil blends to keep chemicals and toxins out of your home and away from your family. Adjustable spray nozzles allow for fine mist and heavy spray. 

VERSATILE GLASS DESIGN isn't just for house cleaning products – use it for cooking, beauty products, aromatherapy and more! Unlike plastic, Amber brown glass keeps the contents of your spray bottle pure and effective. 

MAKE YOUR HOME MORE GREEN by creating your own naturally safe products and cutting down on the amount of plastic you purchase for your family's day-to-day needs. 

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Protect Your Essential Oils, Protect Your Home with Amber Glass Spray Bottles. 

In order to keep your essential oils working effectively, you need to protect them from the elements, especially UV light. Our amber glass bottles don't just keep your oils safe from the sun, but they also ensure that no chemicals or toxins from plastic bottles are contaminating them either. 

100% BPA free, amber glass spray bottles are the safe, eco-friendly alternative that you can use to create effective home cleaning products using essential oils and other natural ingredients. 

Unlike plastic, our glass spray bottles can be used for food, beauty products and aromatherapy, too. Here are some of the benefits of buying our amber glass spray bottles today: 

  • Set of 2 bottles allows you to find more ways to use them in your home 
  • Convenient 16-ounce size holds enough mixture so that you can keep products on hand  
  • Bring fewer chemicals and toxins into your home by switching to homemade green products 
  • Reduce the amount of plastic you buy by purchasing glass and re-using again and again! 

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