1PCS Safety Goggles Dust-Proof Breathable Laboratory Dust proof Glasses Splash Goggles

Name:Safety Protective Goggles
Material: Polyfiber
Lens Color: Transparent
Frame color: transparent
Light transmittance: 100%
Lens thickness: 0.1cm
Function: Prevent Infetion,Windproof sand, Anti-spitting spray, Anti-fog, Anti-impact

HD lens with high light transmittance
The lens has high light transmission, and the lens center provides a maximum optical quality, ensuring that the lens has a clear visual effect and a wider field of vision
Indirect vent
The perforated air vent design increases internal air flow for more comfortable wearing.
Protected from impact
Polycarbonate lenses can resist the impact of high-speed particles at 45 meters per second, which can effectively prevent the risk of damage to the eyes due to splashes such as iron filings, sand and gravel
Anti-splash windshield
Effective protection against liquid splash, spray paint graffiti, pesticide spray, wind and dust resistance during cycling, etc.
Humanized design
The big nose clip reduces the burden on the bridge of the nose, it is comfortable to wear and it is not easy to fall, and it can be adjusted to fit various face shapes.
Multiple protections, suitable for multiple environments.

Package included:
1 x Safety Protective Goggles

Note:We will pick up the color of the elastic band of googles at random.(white or black)

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