2 Pairs – 2.5 Bifocal Global Vision Eyewear Hercules Anti-fog Safety Glasses with EVA Foam (1 Clear, 1 Smoke)

This set of 2 pairs (clear and smoke) anti-fog safety glasses is a great wayto protect your eyes when you need to see close-up detail that requiresreading glasses. Both pairs have 2.5 bifocals built into the lenses, so youdon't have to swap glasses in the middle of what you are doing. Herculesglasses come with vented EVA foam, double-sided anti-fog coating, shatterproofpolycarbonate lenses, and UV400 filter for maximum UV protection. They alsohave gloass black nylon frames with rubber ear pads.

  • 1 pair each of 2.5 clear and smoke lenses – 2 pairs total
  • Anti-fog coating on both sides of lens
  • Vented EVA Foam for comfort and wind reduction
  • Gloss Black Nylon Frames with Rubber Ear Pads
  • Shatterproof Polycarbonate Lenses with UV400 Filter
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