50PCS Disposable Forehead Strip Scale Head Temperature Monitor


Condition: 100% Brand New
Size: 9.5*2cm
Color : White & Black
Material: PET+Liquid crystal
Temperature Range : 35℃(95℉) ~ 40℃(104℉)
No batteries required, Unbreakable, compressible,bendable;
Easy to use, stick or put on the baby's forehead;
Get the result in a short time (15 seconds);
Non mercury, non-toxic, safe for health and environment.
Pocket size, can be used at home or traveling.
The parents can monitor babies' body temperature continually, and won't effect babies' sleep.

Please use it at room temperature (20℃-30℃).
Do not put it under the sunlight for a long time.
Please do not use it within 30 minutes after meal,drinking and activity.

Before using, keppthe baby's forehead dry.
Stick or put on the baby's forehead, the thermometers will indicate the temperature,
you can read the temperature from the colour change (wait about 15s).

Package includes :
50PCS Forehead Strip Thermometer

Instant Read : The temperature strips will show the current temp through it's different color variation after 15 seconds,Measurement Range show the Fahrenheit and Celsius ,95℉to 104℉ & 35℃ to 40℃.

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