affresh Ice Machine Cleaner

Keep your ice-making appliance running optimally by using the affresh Ice Machine Cleaner. It's specially formulated to remove hard water and mineral build-up. The ice maker cleaner is composed of a nickel-safe liquid that can be easily poured into the machine's water pan. After pouring, simply activate the clean cycle on the machine for the system to clean and rinse itself.
Affresh Ice Machine Cleaner:

  • Nickel-safe formula designed to remove hard water and mineral build-up
  • For use in all free-standing ice machines
  • Recommended by Whirlpool and KitchenAid brands
  • Easy self cleaning, just pour liquid into the water pan and activate the clean cycle on the machine
  • Severe scale build-up may require repeated cleaning
  • Contains 2.4% elemental phosphorus, 11.2g per bottle
  • Bottle contains 16 fl oz of nickel-safe ice machine cleaner
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