AZ8762 Dry And Wet Bulb Thermometer Greenhouse Measurement Industrial Grade Digital Bulb

Modern smart digital hygrometer with wet lamp
Easy to read large LCD display
No reference table needed
Designed with two thermistor type sensors to get accurate and fast
Temperature and humidity reading
Built-in fan for faster response times up to 2 minutes
Built-in relay output with humidity above alarm threshold
8762 memory autoregistration points for 100
Selective auto registration frequency
Low humidity output relay setting available
Dual LED color LED for recording and alarm
Maximum / minimum functions available
C / F temperature unit selectable
No self calibration required
Low Battery Indicator
Powered by pcs. 4 things. AAA battery or 5V adapter
Great for use in a green house!
Great for use in high humidity environments!
Condensation caused by water / pesticides / fertilizers
Spray has a limited effect on moisture reading!
Model: AZ8762
Temperature. range: 5 ~ 50 C
Temperature. Resolution: 0.1 C / F
Temperature. Accuracy: +/- 0,6 C
Humidity range: 0% RH ~ 100% RH
Humidity resolution: 0.1% RH
Humidity accuracy: +/- 3%
Response time: 120 seconds typical
Size of the LCD display (mm): 25 (H) x40 (W)
Memory: 100 points
Office temp. : 5-50 C
Relative humidity <100%
Storage temperature : 0 ~ 50 C
Storage RH%: Humidity <80%
Water tank replenishment time: every two weeks
Size (mm): 48,4×178,5×24,7 (B)
Weight: about 250g
Battery: AAA x4pcs adapter for or 5V (not included)

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