B1 Adult And Child Front Thermometer Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer Digital LCD Display

1. High-quality materials: the thermometer is made of environmentally friendly PP material, the thermometer is safe and non-toxic, and the handle design is simplified.
2. Measurement method: the thermometer can be measured without contact, and has two measurement methods (body temperature, water temperature, milk temperature, room temperature), 0.5 seconds of temperature measurement, convenient and fast to use.
3. Alarm function: The thermometer has a preset alarm value and a fever reminder function. When the temperature exceeds the warning value, a short drip sound will be emitted to remind the patient to better understand the physical condition.
4. Automatic stop: The thermometer stops automatically after 60 seconds without any measurement, and displays the last measured temperature after each start.
5. Display screen: The thermometer has an LCD backlit screen that can display the temperature for one second, can be clearly seen at night, and is easy to read.

Name: Non-contact infrared forehead thermometer
Size: about 150 * 43 * 43mm / 5.91 * 1.69 * 1.69 inches
Measuring distance: about 3-5cm
Measurement method: non-contact
Temperature unit: ℃
Range (in living mode): 35.0 ℃ ~ 42.5 ℃
Range (body surface mode): 0 ° C-60 ° c
Resolution: 0.1 ° C
Accuracy: ± 0.2 ° c
Measurement method: non-contact forehead / ear
Response time: 0.5 seconds
Display mode: LCD with backlight
Spectral response: 6-14μm
Automatic power off: after about 30 seconds of inactivity
Transportation and storage environment: temperature is -20oC ~ + 55oC, relative humidity is 15% ~ 93%;
Working environment: temperature is 10oC ~ 40oC, relative humidity is 15% ~ 85%;
Air pressure: (70 ~ 106) kPa
Power supply: 2 AAA batteries (not included)
Weight: about 100 grams (without battery)
Cleaning method:
1. Surface cleaning: wipe the dirt on the thermometer with a soft clean cloth or cotton swab and a small amount of alcohol or water.
2. Clean the sensor and probe cavity: use a clean soft cloth or cotton swab dipped in a little alcohol.
3. Gently wipe the probe cavity or the top of the sensor. Do not use a thermometer until the alcohol has completely evaporated.
4. Before use, please read this instruction manual carefully and make sure that the battery is installed.
5. It is forbidden to immerse the thermometer in the liquid, and it is forbidden to place the thermometer in a high or low temperature environment for a long time.

packing list:
1 * Infrared thermometer (without battery)

Please keep the inner cavity of the sensor and product probe clean, otherwise it will affect the measurement accuracy.

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