Beautify Beauties Flairosol Empty Clear Spray Bottle (5 Oz)

This fine mist spray bottle is perfect for all-purpose use. It is optimized for heavy everyday use and can be filled with any types of liquid, including household cleaners, hair sprays, wrinkle removers, cleaning solution, room fresheners, essential oils, spot removers, carpet cleaners, vinegar solutions, or just water. No matter what type of application you choose, you will be spraying effectively, consistently and without any waste with this clear spray bottle.

  • MULTI-PURPOSE EMPTY SPRAY BOTTLE: Flairosol comes in a completely airless and transparent bottle, engineered with pre-compression technology that delivers a powerful spray, which can be used for cleaning, gardening, or your hair and skin care routine.
  • AEROSOL-FREE SPRAY: This transparent mist spray bottle offers an aerosol-like spray without using hazardous propellant gases or a pressurized container that harms the environment. It provides an option to brands and consumers who want to move away from the environmental and health and safety hazards associated with aerosols.
  • CONSISTENT PROLONGED SPRAY: The prolonged spray gives a fixed output of 1.25cc per second, and is dispensed consistently from first to last drop.
  • CONTINUOUS SPRAY WITH FINE-MIST: This empty spray bottle offers high-quality, very fine mist combined with continuous spray functionality to cover large areas quickly, evenly, and in all directions, from the first drop to last drop. One spray lasts for several seconds, making it very useful and convenient in daily life.
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