Bondo Tack Cloth, Long Lasting, 813SRP

Bondo Tack Cloth helps to remove loose sand dust and trash particles from surfaces before priming and paint application. It picks up material without leaving any sticky residue behind. You can also use this product as an automotive tack cloth to help when detailing and cleaning your car. It's designed specifically for use with the 3M Body Repair System, which includes Bondo filler and other processes (each product available separately).Bondo Tack Cloth:

  • Removes loose sanding dust and other particles from panels before priming and painting
  • Painter's tack cloth helps prevent dust nibs and other defects
  • Long lasting
  • Contains one 18" x 36" tack cloth
  • For use after Stage 2 and 3 of the 3M Body Repair System
  • Product can be stored indefinitely without drying out
  • Soft fabric does not cause scratches on delicate surfaces
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