BRAUN NTF 3000 Infrarot-Fiebe

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  • Produktart: Stirnthermometer
  • Herstellernummer: NTF3000WE
  • Marke: Braun
  • MPN: NTF3000WE
  • EAN: 4022167300263

User reviews

------------------------------- Good : ------------------------------- - Quick reading (within 2s) This is the reason why I bought this thermometer. I had traditional digital stick thermometer but I did not like it and so do my baby. Its takes to much time to get a reliable value from a digital stick thermometer & smart thermometers. If your baby is not well he/she would be moving so much and be so much fussy that you can't rely on the digital stick results. Sometimes, babies/kids move so much that the positioning of a digital stick thermometer become questionable and so does the results. With a digital stick, its took me from 45s-120s to get a results and my God, that a lot of distraction and effort I have to put in to get a reliable results from a digital stick thermometer. With the Braun NTF3000. Distract your baby mind for some seconds and boom you get your results in seconds. It works both by touching or not touching your baby forehead. If she is asleep no need to touch your baby to get the results. Its great ! - Reliable brand and clinically tested - Its no touch and touch - The results is shown in a color coded screen, where Green is Normal, Orange is Elevated, and Red is High - No replacement part required. Unlike the Braun Thermoscan where you need to buy probe tip, with Braun No touch + Forehead, no tip required ! Only batteries required. - The guiding system help you position the thermometer right where required so as to get reliable temperature reading. ------------------------------- BAD : ------------------------------- - Age precision technology should have been used ( these are found in Braun Themoscan thermometers.) - A protection case should have been provided to protect this sensitive equipment. I did not even see any on the web to buy
Good product
Einfach Ton aus kurz auf Stirn gehalten und ein Gutes gewissen haben beim Einschlafen.5Sterne

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