Broom and Dustpan Set – Premium Long Handled Broom Dustpan Combo – Upright Standing Lobby Broom and Dust Pan Brush w/ Handle

• BROOM AND DUSTPAN – Premium Quality built to last. Made from high quality, durable materials, it can be used as a kitchen, home, office or lobby broom and dustpan combo for quick and easy cleaning

• BROOM DUSTPAN COMBO: The clip-on feature makes the dustpan and broom upright a perfect space safer! Just clip the broom to the dustpan handle to store in your stand up cleaning cabinet. Plus, you can also hang it up to make it even more space efficient!

• PERFECT HEIGHT – No more brooms that are too short and inconvenient to clean! The Broom and Dustpan Combo takes almost no space for storing, when in use, it is much better to work with then your standard dustpan. You can clean standing upright with ease and use the hands-free bristle cleaner.

• INDOOR AND OUTDOOR – No Matter if you need it for your, kitchen, lobby or just outside, the the whisk broom and dustpan set is not only long-lasting but also water resistant!

Tired of chasing down hairs and excess debris off your floor? DO not worry, we have the perfect solution for you!

Jade Active premium broom and dustpan set is designed to make your sweeping task a breeze.

The Broom and Dustpan Combo is light and ergonomically designed to ensure comfort with its non-slip powder-coated grip handle. No more wrist pains – guaranteed! With its easy maneuver feature and the increased tray capacity, it is just perfect for keeping your floors neat and tidy in just one swipe. Also, the broom and dustpan combo is easy to operate that even kids can help sweeping the floors!

With the compact and small broom and dustpan you no longer have to worry about loose hairs, dust, and dirt being stuck to the bristles of your broom. The built-in scraper will make sure to remove them for you so the debris will fall directly into the dustpan. No need to bend over and get back pain or to get your hands dirty! This amazing broom and dustpan combo has you covered.

As an added bonus, the sweeping duo can also be stored away inside your cleaning cabinet. Just clip the broom to the dustpan handle and you’re good to go. Pro tip: you can hang it up to make it even more space efficient!• Standup dustpan with whisk broom makes cleaning easy and quick

• Teeth on dustpan allows hands-free easy cleaning of bristles without bending over

• Durable plastic and thoughtfully made for long life use

• Perfect for households with pets or long hair, beauty and barber shop, quick clean-up around home and office, lobby and more

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