Carbona Stain Devils® Rust And Perspiration Stain Remover, 1.7 Ounces

The Stain Devil Remover for rust and perspiration makes it easy to clean soiled items. You can use it on laundry-washable garments as well as clothing or upholstery that requires dry cleaning. This home stain remover for rust and perspiration is also useful as a household cleanser on all sorts of surfaces, except for metal and marble. It's one of nine different cleaning formulas by Carbona (each sold separately), each of which is ideal for wiping away specific stains. It's as easy as applying to the dirty area, waiting and rinsing off before it dries.
Carbona Stain Devils 9 Rust & Perspiration Stain Remover:

  • Spot remover for washable and dry clean only fabrics
  • #9 Carbona Stain Remover, 1.7 fl oz per bottle
  • Also useful for cleaning bathroom surfaces (excluding metal and marble)
  • 8 other Stain Devils formulas available for different cleaning projects (each sold separately)
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