Cloro Cleaning 150 smart value/great value

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  • Type: Disinfectant
  • Handle Material: In description
  • For: Appliance, Bathroom, Cook Top
  • Suitable For: Canister
  • Bristle Material: In description
  • Form: Wipe
  • Head Material: In description
  • UPC: 44600016283

User reviews

You can report people like these to your local attorney general. State of Florida has a no scam app. Really easy to use.
By the time we divide the cost by usage it just makes sense.
I have report you to my Attorney General for price gouging. Because of people like you we cannot find these in stores. All about the greed right?
To the person who said "haters gonna hate" and "good luck finding these on the shelves". We can find them on the shelves because these vultures go in an buy them all to make a ridiculous profit on them. This is disgusting.
Disgusting that you are price gouging at a time like this. Hope everyone reports you so you will stop clearing the shelves and taking advantage of those who desperately need these items!!!!!

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