CLR Power Plumber Pressurized Drain Opener, Chemical-Free, 4.5 Oz

Cut straight to the source of your pipe's buildup with CLR Power Plumber!
Enjoy the convenience and ease of clearing your pipes without any messy mixing or harmful chemicals. Simply power spray and go! CLR Power Plumber uses powerful aerosol to efficiently dissolve clogs such as oil, soap scum, shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, toothpaste and kitchen waste. By eliminating buildup at the source, CLR is able to efficiently break down blockage and restore your drains to their former glory. CLR Power Plumber is non toxic and safe for pipes, people and pets. Great for use of your clogged shower drain, kitchen drain or garbage disposal. Each 4.5 oz canister contains enough spray for 15 powerful uses. Fulfill your pipe dreams and keep your showers and sinks draining smoothly with CLR Power Plumber!

CLR Power Plumber Pressurized Drain Cleaner, Clog Remover, Chemical Free 4.5 Oz
  • Clears even the toughest clogs, including hair, grease, and soap build-up
  • Innovative aerosol formula drains tough clogs in seconds without the use of chemicals
  • Designed for sinks, tubs, showers, and toilets
  • Safe for pipes, people and pets
  • Eliminates pipe build-up at the source for maximum drainage
  • Quick, safe and economical with up to 15 applications per can
  • Clears clogs up to 50-feet down and is safe enough to use on kitchen sink drain
  • Environmentally safe and non-toxic with no harsh acids, additives, or lye
  • It goes to work quickly, removing hair, grease, and soap build-up water to flow through
  • Great on slow moving drains and won't contaminate ground water
  • Works on almost any clog including hair, grease, and soap build-up
  • Contains no CFCs which deplete the ozone layer
  • WOMEN OWNED – Certified WBENC, Women's Business Enterpriser
  • Safer Choice Meets U.S. EPA Safer Product Standards
  • Visit for cleaning tips and uses of CLR Cleaning Solutions

Directions for using CLR Power Plumber
  1. Fill sink with enough water to submerge can?s cap.
  2. Block overflow with damp rag or sponge and hold firmly.
  3. Place can?s cap over drain opening and press firmly for one second. Canister nozzle must be pointed down (into drain) when using. Repeat if necessary.

Slow-Moving Drains
  1. Place stopper in clogged drain.
  2. Fill sink or tub with 6-7? of water, remove stopper.
  3. Block overflow with damp rag or sponge and hold firmly.
  4. Place can's cap over drain opening and press firmly for one second. Repeat if necessary.

Double Sinks
  1. Place stopper in sink and hold.
  2. Follow the same directions as a blocked sink.

*For toilets, floor drains and garbage disposals, a Power Plumber Plunger Kit is needed.

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