Digital Thermometer, Oral Rectal and Underarm Use for Baby Child and Adult

Our digital thermometer can work as an oral, rectal, and underarm thermometer for babies, children, and adults. Quick testing, waterproof, and easy to clean – this is the perfect thermometer to measure and monitor your health

  • FAST AND ACCURATE RESULTS – Within seconds, get an accurate result to know whether you or your loved ones has a fever
  • FLEXIBLE TIP – The thermometer features a soft and bendable tip to make it easy to use and maneuver.

  • FEVER SIGNAL AND ALARM – Our thermometer will sound an alarm to indicate if there is fever.

  • LAST READING RECALL – Memory storage to help you keep track of your temperature and health.

  • GUARANTEED RELIABILITY – Measures your actual body temperature, giving you the most accurate insights into your health.

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