Digital Thermometer with flexible tip for Rectal, Oral and Axillary Measurement – DTK-117A

Your search for the perfect digital thermometer is finally over.

This iProven digital thermometer is clinically tested and proven to be 100% accurate. The old mercury thermometers are no longer legal to sell, while the analog thermometers that are still sold are incredibly flimsy and easy to break.A good quality digital thermometer is the perfect solution to this problem.iProvèn has developed the DTK-117A digital thermometer with lots of care. What makes the thermoscandigital thermometer stand out from the competition is easy really. The algorithm that calculates the temperature has been tweaked and refined by a group of scientists and medical staff to measure the correct temperature both quickly and accurately under every circumstance. The focus was to get the highest accuracy possible in the shortest period of time. Ourstaff, who are all young parents that have to rely on trustworthy products, performed hundreds of tests next to the old trustworthy mercury thermometers and approved production after 200 measurements in a row within the 0.2 degree march with their old calibrated mercury thermometer. If you did this test with us, you would agree that this digital thermometer is the best environmentally responsible solution available.


  • Quick, it measures the temperature in less than 20 seconds.
  • Reliable, due to the testing performed, the quality is guaranteed
  • Water Resistant
  • Flexible tip for the highest comfort possible
  • Reads both C and F and can be switched easily.

About the product

  • Highly reliable and durablefast thermometer that show youraccurate body temperature in 20 seconds
  • This is anall-around device for rectal measurement, oral measurement and Axillary measurement in the armpit. Comes with transparent protective case.
  • Medical and clinically proven thermometer for accurate fever detection.
  • Frustration free- With the flexible tip and waterproof design, it is both easy and comfortable to use and clean. Reads both C and F. Easy to switch by the press of the only 1 button.

iProvèn's 100-100 policy

We are 100% sure that you will love the iProvenDTK-117A. If for whatever reason you will not, you will get a full refund within30 days after your purchase. No questions asked.

Digital Thermometer with flexible tip for Rectal, Oral and Axillary Measurement – DTK-117A

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