Disposable Non-Woven Fabric Three-Iayer Filter Neutral Dust-Proof Mouth And Nose Protective Mask

Blue antibacterial mask disposable non-woven three-layer filter unisex dust mask
Absolutely safe and secure against viruses and gas masks.
You can buy with confidence, please contact me in bulk.
Mask structure: two superfine layers from the outer layer.
Meltblown non-woven filter paper with aluminum strip, round rubber nose, foldable
Respirator use: good permeability, not stuffy, can achieve the effect of dust. Aluminum strips for the bridge of the nose can be used for fixing.
4mm widened ear pockets, low pressure and more comfortable
Tri-fold design, anti-allergic, anti-bacterial, comfortable and breathable
Particle-free ultrasonically sealed edges for comfortable wearing
Disposable non-woven masks are easy to use and have undergone related purification treatments for food. Medical, pharmaceutical, electronics, textile. Clean room operators can also be used for daily necessities.
Pros: Ventilation, dust removal and bacteria filtration

Mask specifications: 17x 9cm, three layers

Materials PP nonwoven & filter paper & ES cloth
Material/Fabric 3 ply (100% new material)
1st ply: 25g/m2 spun-bond PP
2nd ply: 25g/m2 melt-blown PP (filter)
3rd ply: 25g/m2 spun-bond PP
Feature High BFE/PFE, Adjustable nose piece, Elastic earloop

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