EverClean Ostrich Feather Duster

Keep surfaces in your home clean and dust-free with this EverClean Ostrich Feather Duster. It has a strong handle made of wood with an ErgoGrip for sustained comfort and control, as well as a built-in hanger feature for convenient off-the-floor storage. The 100 percent natural feather duster grabs and holds dust, making it ideal for dusting contoured, intricate and delicate items. You can use it to clean lamp shades, blinds, collectibles and more. Ostrich feathers actually hold dust until shaken out and can be washed in warm water and air-dried. The EverClean Ostrich Feather Duster also attaches easily to an extension pole (sold separately) for extra reach. EverClean Products cleaning tools make any dirty chore easier.

EverClean Ostrich Feather Duster:

  • Material: 100% natural ostrich feathers
  • Wood handle with ErgoGrip and hang-up feature
  • Soft feathers gently clean delicate surfaces
  • Cleaning duster grabs and holds dust
  • Use to clean lamp shades, blinds and figurines
  • Care: shake out dust, wash in warm water and air dry
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