Great Value 360° Duster Kit, 9 Count

Keep your home clean and shining in an easy and efficient way with the Great Value 360° Duster Kit. This kit contains one handle and eight unscented, disposable dusters, which also fit Swiffer duster handles. The fluffy fibers are made of material that can trap and hold dirt, dust, and hair without the need for any harsh chemicals. It has a comfortable grip, and its slim design can be easily maneuvered on multiple surfaces and hard-to-reach tight spaces for an all round cleaning effect. With Great Value 360° Duster Kit, cleaning your home will no longer be a chore.

Great Value products provide families with affordable, high quality grocery and household consumable options. With our wide range of product categories spanning grocery and household consumables, we offer you a variety of products for your family's needs. Our products are conveniently available online and in Walmart stores nationwide, allowing you to stock up and save money at the same time.

Great Value 360° Duster Kit:

  • One handle and eight unscented disposable dusters
  • Dirt, dust and hair trapping fibers
  • Fits Swiffer dusters
  • Can be easily used on multiple surfaces and hard-to-reach areas
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