HQRP Clear Tint UV Protective Safety Goggles / Glasses for Yard work, Gardening, Lawn mowing, Weed whacking, Hedge trimming

These lightweight safety glasses provide protection against moderate impact hazards and 99.9% of UV rays.
The glasses are specially designed to provide the most protection.
The wide panorama lens offers optimum protection from flying pieces of debris, sand, dirt, dust and assorted fragments. Untinted lenses are perfect for low-light environments or when you need unobstructed vision to get the job done.
Perfect for protecting your eyes during carpentry, construction, labwork, yard work, etc. Great For Power Tool Work, Sawing/Drilling Metal Or Wood, Hammering & Overhead Work. Very nice glasses for protecting your eyes at shooting ranges. Use these glasses for eye protection from the wind when riding, cycling, biking, running.

  • HQRP® UV Safety Glasses;
  • Safe from impact hazards and 99.9% of UV rays; Standards ANSI Z87.1;
  • Clear lenses, black frame; have side shields;
  • Protects eyes against debris, flying particles, dust, paint and smoke;
  • 200 days warranty!
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