Instant Power Drain Snake Hair Clog Remover Tool

Make it simple to get your sink back into working order with the Instant Power Drain Hair Remover. It has a slim size that makes it easy to store in your bathroom or kitchen when not being used. This hair clog remover tool features sharp edges to easily grab strands stuck inside of your plumbing. It can be used in place of chemicals, offering you a safer method for clearing out sinks. This tool is over 18" long. It can be utilized in bathtubs, showers, kitchens, laundry rooms and anywhere else with a sink. The handy tool is easy to work with and can be discarded after use.
Instant Power Drain Snake Hair Clog Remover Tool:

  • Unclogs sinks, showers and bathtub drains
  • Over 18" long
  • Snake clog remover is easy to use
  • Unclogs drains fast
  • No chemicals required
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