Lime-A-Way Bathroom Cleaner, 22oz Bottle, Removes Lime Calcium Rust

Get your bathroom looking spick and span with the help of Lime-A-Way Bathroom Cleaner with Turbo Power. Offered in a convenient 22-oz spray bottle for easy application, it is specially formulated to destroy lime, calcium and rust stains that are caused by the buildup of natural minerals in your water. This Lime-A-Way spray is versatile and can be used on a wide range of surfaces in the bathroom. Use it on everything from sinks and fixtures to tubs and tile. The Lime-A-Way Turbo Foam also works well on glass shower doors as it helps to clear out limescale buildup and soap scum that can make them cloudy. With this product, even your toughest limescale will be removed in seconds without the need for harsh scrubbing. For those serious about clean, Lime-A-Way Bathroom Cleaner with Turbo Power is the practical choice.
Lime-A-Way Bathroom Cleaner, 22 oz Bottle, Removes Lime Calcium Rust:

  • Lime-A-Way cleaner with Turbo Power destroys lime, calcium and rust
  • Removes the toughest limescale in seconds without scrubbing
  • The Lime-A-Way spray works to remove lime, calcium and rust stains caused by the natural minerals in your water
  • Cleans the toughest hard water build-up so that surfaces stay cleaner for longer
  • Good for use on sinks, fixtures, tubs, tile, showers and glass
  • Better on soap scum than the leading bathroom cleaners 
  • Stains are gone in seconds
  • Convenient spray bottle
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