Lunarland Emerge 1.5 Clear Full Reader Lens Reading Safety Glasses Sg7910D15, Pyramex Emerge Full Lens Magnification Gray Frame Safety Glasses 1.5.., By Lunarland Outdoors

Sky Red Mirror Lens:Gray polycarbonate lens with double layer of silver and orange mirror coating.Offers protection from excessive glare.Commonly used in outdoor applications,Provides 99% protection from harmful UV-A and UV-B rays.This lens option is treated to prevent fogging.

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  • Pyramex Emerge Full Lens Magnification Gray Frame Safety Glasses 1.5 MAGNIFICATION!!Pyramex Emerge Full Lens Magnification Safety Glasses. There are many bifocal safety glasses on the market but this style offers a magnifier for the entire lens of the glasses.
  • General Purposes For Indoor Applications That Require Impact Protection.Clear +1.5 Full Reader LensOffers Protection From Excessive GlareProvides 99% Protection From Harmful UV-A And UV-B Rays.Stylish Ergonomic Frame Combines With Sleek Polycarbonate Lenses For The Ultimate In Protection And Style.
  • These are not bifocal glasses!!!The glasses are mainly used to help enlarge close up objects and tasks for people requiring additional clarity. The full lens magnifiers are not recommended for people to use as standard safety glasses and suggested only for people who require magnification eyewear.
  • Note:For return policy in non problem,customer has to response for shipping fee and 15% restore fee,And please return within 14 days
  • EMERGE FEATURESStylish Dual Lens With Full Eye Protection Plano Lens Prescription Lens And Full Reader Lens Adaptable.Suitable For Both Working Environments And Sports Activities.Soft Nose Piece Provides Comfort For Extended Use Without Slipping.Meets ANSI Z87.1 High Impact Requirements
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