Maximum and Minimum Thermometer Indoor Outdoor Garden Greenhouse Wall Temperature Monitor Pyrometer

1.The highest-minimum thermometer is used to record the highest temperature and minimum temperature of air at a certain time.
2.The temperature around the tube in a blue indicating needle of a wool stoma, blue as the temperature changes the index rise, and when the temperature drops, the blue pointer not affected by the temperature drop and changes, which indicates the maximum or minimum temperature.
3.Fine workmanship and good performance.
4.2 units display, Celsius and Fahrenheit
5.Convenient to use.

1.It is used to record the highest and lowest temperature in the air in a certain period of time. Based on this, it can scientifically guide you to maintain fruits, vegetables, seedlings, flowers and various plants.

Material: Plastic + Acrylic
Color: White
Size: approx. 230x85x20mm
Temperature Range: – 40 ~ +50 ℃/ -40 ~ + 120℉

The most suitable environment for human body: 15 ℃ – 25 ℃, relative humidity 45%RH-75%RH
Room environment: 40%RH-70%RH
Library Art Museum: 45%RH-60%RH
Storage of clothing, cotton and wool textiles: 40%RH-60%RH
Storage of dairy products: 50%RH-60% RH

How To Use:
1.The thermometer should be suspended in the air.
2.Observe the time of temperature, and make a decision. Record the temperature indicated at the lower end of the indicator when observing, and press the button to attract the needle and the column at both ends.

Package Information:
Package Size: 210x65x29mm/8.19×2.54×1.13in
Package Weight: 200g/7oz
General Box Package

Package Included:
1 x Max-Min Thermometer

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