Modern Grip 17197-M Nitrile 7 mil Thickness Premium Disposable Gloves – Industrial and Household, Powder Free, Latex Free, Raised Textured for Superior Grip – Orange – Medium (100 count)

Modern Grip’s Disposable Nitrile gloves are the smart choice for anyone that needs rugged, versatile hand protection at home or on the job. Our nitrile gloves are 3-5 times more puncture resistant than latex – offering better defense against sharp edges and superior durability for longer lasting protection.

They’re produced with a synthetic rubber material that is 100% latex-free, making these gloves a great option for anyone suffering from latex allergies! Nitrile is also able to withstand higher temperatures than latex, which is an obvious advantage in many industrial environments such as manufacturing or automotive service.

OSHA also highly rates nitrile gloves for jobs requiring dexterity and sensitivity. Professional installers find themselves handling many small parts, which requires precision. There are also many repairs that require the application of force by hand – and again, a good grip is essential. Being lightweight and flexible, nitrile reacts to body temperature and conforms to the hand for a snug and comfortable fit. Textured glove options offer superior grip to help prevent slipping when it counts most.

  • 7 MIL THICKNESS. These disposable gloves are made from a thick 7 mil nitrile material to protect your hands in the dirtiest environments at the shop and at home.
  • RAISED TEXTURE FOR BETTER GRIP. For picking up small items and for keeping a strong grip on tools and equipment, Modern Grip's premium nitrile gloves feature a finely raised surface pattern to act like a second skin. Ideal for auto repair, household cleaning, food service, painting and staining, laboratory and forensic work, and more! Modern Grip nitrile gloves are also touchscreen friendly.
  • LATEX-FREE NITRILE RESISTS TEARS AND PUNCTURES. Modern Grip nitrile gloves are produced with a synthetic rubber material that does not contain latex, which means that they are suitable for anyone that suffers from latex allergies. Nitrile gloves are three to five times more puncture resistant than latex, offering more rugged defense against sharp edges and tools.
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