Mold Armor Deck Wash Hose-End 64OZ

E-Z DECK, FENCE, & PATIO WASH HOSE END Kills Mold & Mildew. Restore the look of Wood. Is your deck or wood fence fading, dingy, graying, weathered? Clean and restore your deck to its natural color and beauty with Mold Armor® E-Z Deck, Fence, & Patio Wash. It kills mold and mildew quickly and easily cleans away dirt, debris and algae stains from your wood deck, fencing and patio. It?s guaranteed to work in just 10 minutes. There?s no mixing or scrubbing. Just spray it on. Wait 5-10 minutes. And, rinse it off. Transforming weathered wood back to its natural look is that simple. Our new and improved Hose End sprayer lets you create a direct or fan spray to reach and clean different areas of your home.  Mold Armor E-Z Deck & Fence Wash is ideal on painted & wood Decks, painted wood fences & porches, composite finishes, wood siding, wood swing sets

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