New Sealed, Cleaning Wet (5×85 count) =425 Total. Kills 99.9% Clorox

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  • For: Appliance, Automotive, Bathroom, Cook Top, Electronics
  • Type: Disinfectant
  • MPN: CLO30208
  • Number in Pack: 5
  • Scent: Fresh Scent

User reviews

Please people do not buy from these sellers to get these items. Google on how to make your own wipes or spray as spray works just as well. I am constantly trying to report these items and have blocked hundreds but they list them day and night. I work full time but am out of wipes but will not support these people. You truly don't need their wipes. Make your own. I'm using the Lysol spray that I have had from a year ago but have enough even though I love the wipes.
You are a piece of garbage taking advantage of people who are in dire need of this product at this time of crisis it is bad enough that people are not working and not getting their normal paychecks and yet you decide to get greedy and price gouge i heard from the president and city governments that those people who are caught price gouging will be prosecuted so being that i am seeing a lot of this lately i am reporting every one of you self centered losers you will pay the price i am not kidding!!!
Price gouging at its best. People are sick & dying and yet you feel it’s okay to take advantage of people in need! How utterly disgusting and despicable. Shame on you. You have no conscious. Reporting you and all the others like you.
lol What on Earth do I need Alcohol for? You're just throwing in stuff out of pure greed. Almost $100 for 3 things costing no more than $20 total at Target. Idiot.

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