Nuby Baby Medical Set, Includes Medicine Syringe, Nasal/Ear Aspirator, Medicine Spoon, Medi-Nurser, Nail Clippers and Digital Thermometer, 6 Piece Set

The Nuby Medical Set contains the following: the sure dose medicine dropper and spoon ensures accurate dosage measurement in both teaspoons and milliliters. The bulb design makes measurement easy. Nuby's medi nurser provides an easy, neat, and accurate way to administer oral medicine or vitamins to your baby. Administering medicines from medi nurser bypasses most of the taste buds and reduces baby's ability to smell the medication. The pediatrician recommended method for the immediate relief of nasal congestion in infants is aspiration. Nuby's nasal aspirator with ear syringe is a simple, effective procedure that uses the gentle suction provided by first squeezing the bulb portion of the aspirator, then placing the end gently against baby's nostril and releasing the pressure on the bulb. Clear any matter from the tip after each suction. The toddler nail clipper's curved trimming edges are scaled down for ease of use on a small child's nails.

Nuby 6pc Medical Set:

  • Includes medicine syringe, nasal/ear aspirator, medicine spoon, medi-nurser, nail clippers, and digital thermometer
  • Sure dose medicine dropper & medicine spoon ensure accurate doses in teaspoons and milliliters
  • Medi nurser with silicone nipple
  • Nasal aspirator with ear syringe recommended by pediatricians
  • Digital thermometer with protective cover offers clear and accurate temperature readings in 30 seconds
  • Nail clippers sized especially for infant nails
  • Soft purtex tips are safe and gentle to baby's tender gums
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