RAM-PRO Flip-Up Front Welding Goggles | 50mm Eye Cups, Oxy-Acetylene Shade #5 Lens Safety Glasses – Use for Welding, Soldering, Torching, Brazing & Metal Cutting (Great as Steampunk Costume)

About The Ram-Pro Compact Number 5 Personal Safety Welding Glasses The Problem:When welding or cutting metals the eye gets exposed to very dangerous UV & IR Waves or debris that injures the welder’s vision without the victim even recognizing it. Our Solution:The Ram-Pro High Quality Trouble-free Eye Protection Goggles. Eye Protection:The Rubber Plastic Goggles seal entirely both eyes and sides of the face for best protection and safety. Dual Eye Cups Style:50mm Eye Cups with wide view lets you see clearly when in use.(Great Base Goggle for Steampunk, Halloween Costume & Cosplay) Tint Darkness Rating:Shade #5 Rating Complies with ANSI standard Z87.1 Removable Lenses:All Lenses/Filters Can easily be removed for cleaning purposes or to be replaced with darker filters (ex. For Sun Viewing). Easy Front Flip-Up Shade:Front Shade can be flipped up to have a clear non-shade view when not exposed to danger. Elastic Band:Bungee Cord Style Band can be Stretched & tightened according to the user’s needs. Air Vents:4 Breathing Vents (2 Top, 2 Bottom) Lets Air circulate inside, & thereby improves with fogging control. Storage:It is recommended to store the welding protectors in a clean/dry polybag or case. Tip:When Cleaning do not use abrasive materials just wash with warm soapy water & dry with soft cloth. Use For/When:•Gas Metal Welding•Soldering•Cutting•Grinding•Brazing•Forge Work•Heating•Blacksmithing•Sandblasting•Blowtorching•Blowing•Sawing•Chain sawing•Woodworking•Lampworking•Landscaping•Halloween•Ghostbuster•Steampunk•Cyber Goth•Mad Scientist Costume•Minion•Prop•Motorcycle/Bike Riding•Experiments•Chemistry/Science Labs No Longer Be Blind After Cutting/Welding Metals! – Safety First!

  • ✓ The Ram-Pro Welding Goggles with Easy Flip-up Dark Shade and Air Vents, Straps around your head with the adjustable Fitting Band, Sealing the eyes and providing you with great protection while welding and cutting metals.
  • ✓ SPECS: 2 Clear Lenses & 2 Front Shaded Lenses Included – Shade Rating: #5 – Dual Eye Cup Size: 50mm (Approx. 2”) – 4 Air Breathing Vents – Full Length: 7-¾” – Comes with Black/Yellow Stretchable Elastic Band – Weight: 5 oz – User’s Manual included.
  • ✓ QUALITY: The Flexible Rubber-Plastic Goggles Made in Taiwan provides the welder with highest amount of safety & protection and Conforms to ANSI standard Z87.1 – Shatterproof Acrylic Glass Lenses – Anti-Steam Feature for best Vision – Comfortable Straps lets you wear it all day without any discomfort.
  • ✓ DESIGN: Dark Filter Shades can be Flipped into 3 positions (up, halfway, down) for best convenience – 2 Top & 2 Bottom Eye Safety Ventilation Holes Prevents Lenses from getting foggy, icy or snowy – Modern-Looking Adjustable Headband Strap secures the glasses onto the head & stretches to fit all sizes.
  • ✓ USES: Use it when Oxygen-Acetylene Welding, Torching, Soldering, Brazing, Metal Cutting or Sandblasting and all type of industrial work – Great Base Goggle for Steampunk, Halloween Costume & Cosplay – Goggles Can be worn comfy over Prescription Glasses.
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