Rhodes American Steel Wool, Super Fine Grade #0000, 12 pads

Have all your essential supplies available on the job or for your next DIY project with Rhodes American Steel Wool Grade #0000. It's made of uniform high-quality metal strands that are super fine with a gentle abrasiveness. They are extremely versatile and beneficial for use with a variety of household, remodeling and construction tasks. These steel wool pads are suitable for cleaning glass blocks, plastic tile and terrazzo. They are also well-suited for smoothing shellac, lacquer and varnish prior to applying the final top coat. Plus, you can use them to buff furniture wax and put a matte finish on a gloss paint. The flexible material lets you reach into tight spaces, such as in and around corners, to achieve professional results.

Rhodes American Grade #0000 Steel Wool:

  • Very fine wiring
  • Cleans glass blocks, plastic tile and terrazzo
  • Gentle abrasiveness
  • Flexible construction
  • Made of uniform, high-quality metal strands
  • Pack of 12 Rhodes American steel wool pads
  • Smooths shellac, lacquer and varnish before the final top coat
  • Buffs furniture wax and rubs out a high-luster finish
  • Puts a matte finish on gloss paint
  • Cleans windows without the need for water or cleaners
  • Super-fine steel wool is ideal for your home or business
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