Roebic Septic Tank Treatment 32 oz. – Maintains Septic System – Prevents Clogging

Roebic Septic Tank Cleaner Treatment prevents clogging and build up. Use this regularly to keep your septic tank in excellent condition. The K-37 septic tank treatment will stop messy back ups and excessive odors before they happen. It easy to use, simply shake well and pour the entire contents of the bottle into your toilet and flush twice. Use this twice a year, or as needed, to keep your tank running optimally. Roebic has been a trusted brand providing products to maintain septic tanks for the past 50 years. Using this is a natural way to keep your system clean and it is safe for your pipes and for the environment.

Roebic Septic Tank Cleaner Treatment:

  • Prevents clogging and build-up
  • Treats a 500 gal septic tank
  • Roebic septic tank treatment naturally keeps system clean
  • Digests paper
  • Safe for pipes and the environment
  • Use twice a year for best results
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