Safety 1st Precise Position Forehead Thermometer

Caring for a sick child is stressful, but getting an accurate temperature read shouldn’t be. The Safety 1st Precise Position Forehead Thermometer makes it easier than ever to get a quick, accurate read.

Line up the red LED dots directly on your child’s forehead and when the dots are directly over one another, you’ll know the thermometer is at the right distance for temperature taking. In just one second, you'll hear the beep that lets you know the reading is complete. It’s really that fast and easy!

The large backlit display is easy to see, and the fever light bar glows to alert you when a temperature is detected. You can also turn the backlight off, put it on mute and get a speedy read while they sleep.

Safety 1st believes parenting should have fewer worries and more joyful moments. As the first and only leader in child safety, Safety 1st is here to give you peace of mind so you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying every first you experience with your child.

Safety 1st S1st Easy Read Forehead Thermometer

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