Scotts Liquid Gold Wood Care Aerosol Surface Care Protection 10oz

Regular, proper care is important to maintaining the beauty and prolonging the life of wood. Unlike watered-down polishes and waxes that leave wood vulnerable to cracking, warping and fading, Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Care is a unique time-tested wood cleaner & treatment containing no silicone or wax. A single application will remove light wax build-ups, replace lost moisture, bring back wood's natural color, and lessen the appearance of nicks and scratches — leaving wood dust-free, clean and preserved. Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Care, Almond Scent, helps you keep your furniture and other pieces looking new. This wood furniture cleaner is in a spray container for easy dispensing and uses natural oils to replenish moisture to wood. Scott?s Liquid Gold is trusted to care for real wood.

Scott?s Liquid Gold Wood Care, Surface Care Protection, Almond Scent, Natural Oils, Natural Shine, Aerosol Spray, Restores and Enhances Natural Color of Wood, Removes Dust, 10 oz.

  • Replenishes moisture
  • Removes dust and deep cleans wood surfaces
  • Reduces fading, cracking and warping
  • Aerosol spray
  • Nourishes to protect
  • Fresh almond scent
  • Hides nicks and scratches
  • Restores and enhances the natural color, shine, grain and luster of wood
  • 10 fluid ounces
  • Formulated with natural oils
  • Time-tested wood cleaner
  • Cleans, shines, dusts, restores & preserves
  • Safe for use on all natural or unfinished wood
  • Visibly hydrates and deeply nourishes while cleaning and dusting.
  • Leaves no residue build-up
  • Contains no wax or silicone
  • No nuts used in the manufacturing of this product; no nut by-products.
  • Quality, value and products that deliver results through innovation, ingenuity, teamwork and dedication
  • Scott?s Liquid Gold – taking care, today and for years to come. 
  • Uses throughout your home:
  • Furniture, cabinets, doors, baseboards & paneling, antiques, even stainless steel & brass

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About Scott?s Liquid Gold:

Scott?s Liquid Gold is dedicated to helping you maintain and preserve the cherished wood pieces in your home ? from your furniture to the kitchen cabinets and the baseboards to the hardwood floors.

Each piece of wood in your home deserves to be cleaned and nourished with our trusted wood care products.  Every Scott's Liquid Gold product is proudly manufactured with an unparalleled commitment to quality care for natural wood. With Scott?s Liquid Gold, the natural beauty of the wood in your home will last for many years to come.

Scott's Liquid Gold makes and markets a variety of quality household products.  As reliable as our namesake Scott?s Liquid Gold is, so too are the company?s other products, Floor Restore, Dust ?n Go, Wood Wash and Touch of Scent. 

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