Spanish Talking Indoor-Outdoor Digital Thermometer

Wake up to the indoor/outdoor temperature announcement at the preset alarm time, hear the announcement automatically every hour on the hour, or simply press a button to hear it. This Talking Digital Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer keeps you updated on the current indoor and outdoor temperature, so you can always dress properly and be comfortable indoors or outdoors. FEATURES & SPECIFICATIONS: – Displays temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius – Announces temperature in Celsius only – Dual display allows choice of 4 display modes: indoor/outdoor, indoor/time, outdoor/time, time/alarm – Displays and announces each day's high and low temperatures – As an added health and safety measure, Audio announcement alerts users when the temperature reaches 100F (38C) or drops to 32F(0C) – Volume control and shut-off – Temperature displays in C or F – Temperature range: -50C to 70C (-58F to 158F) – Accuracy: 1C (2F), resolution: 0.1C(0.1F) – Dimensions: 146mm x 84.5mm x 20.6mm) – Large 3-1/8-in x 15/16-inch LCD displays with clear black digits – Displays temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius – Uses 2 AAA Batteries (not included) – 30-Day Warranty – Weight: .45 lbs. Announces temperature at a preset time as a wake-up alarm;Hourly temperature announcement from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM;4 display modes: indoor/outdoor, indoor/time, outdoor/time, time/alarm;

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