Superio Toilet Brush with Lip and Pan (White)

This convenient standalone Superio Toilet Bowl Brush with Lip and Pan has a dynamically shaped rubber handle that makes the brush comfortable to hold and easy to maneuver, while soft-scrubbing bristles help ensure your bowl is clean. The lip also makes cleaning under the rim not so grim. This toilet cleaner brush comes with a freestanding holder to make it more sanitary to store.
Superio Toilet Brush with Lip and Pan (White):

  • Compact stylish caddy provides a discreet look
  • Lip to clean under the rim of the toilet bowl
  • Super stiff scrubbing bristles to power off tough stains
  • Rubber grip handle for a comfort grip to reduce strain
  • Toilet cleaner brush comes in white and has blue accents
  • Brush also features a hole in the handle for hanging from hooks
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