Temperature Data Logger Single Use PDF Report USB Port 10000 Points


Disposable USB temperature recorder is a simple and portable temperature recorder specially designed for cold chain.This product is widely used to monitor the transportation and storage process of food, medicine and chemical products. After the recording is completed, you can directly insert the computer to get a PDF report.


Single-use Data Logger:Adopts light and temperature sensor with higher accuracy.
Software-free Online Configuration: Super quick and easy to configure data logger, NO need to install any software.
Powerful LED Indication: Provides all key information for recordings incl. alarm status, temperatures statistics (in ℃/℉) and etc.
Plug and Read: No cable or reader required, the USB connector enables quick connection to PCs to download data.
High Recording Capacity:Up to 10,000 temperature points and 10,000 humidity points.

Condition:100% Brand New
Color: As shown in the picture
How to use: single use
Accuracy: ±0.5°C (-20°C~+40°C); out of range, ±1°C
Data capacity: 10000
Alarm temperature range: <2°C or >8°C (<35.6°F or >46.4°F)
Delayed record: 30 minutes
Working environment temperature: -30 ° C ~ +70 ° C
Equipment storage environment: recommended humidity 20 to 60% RH, temperature 10 to 50 °C
Instructions for use:
1. Press and hold the “Start/Stop” button for more than 3 seconds, the “OK” indicator will be on for 3 seconds, indicating that the device starts recording, and then you can place the device in the environment you need to monitor.
2. During the recording process, the device will automatically light every 10s. If the normal indicator (green light) is lit every 10s, it means that the device is not over temperature during the recording process. If the alarm indicator (ie red light) is bright every 10s Once, it indicates that over-temperature has occurred during the recording process. Note: As long as over-temperature is found during the recording process, the green light will no longer illuminate.
3. Press and hold the “Start/Stop” button for more than 3s, the alarm indicator (ie red light) will be on for 3s, indicating that the device stops recording. The recording will also stop automatically when the device is full. After the device stops recording, it will not automatically flash. If the device is over-temperature during recording, press the “Start/Stop” button. If the normal indicator (green light) is on, it indicates that the temperature is not over-recorded during the recording; if the alarm is When the indicator light (ie red light) is on, it indicates that the temperature is over temperature during recording.
4. Remove the waterproof packaging bag and insert the device into the computer USB interface. During the PDF file generation process, the normal indicator light (ie green light) and the alarm indicator light (ie red light) will turn on. When the file is generated, the normal indicator light (ie The green light will illuminate continuously until the recorder is removed from the computer.

Package List:
1*Temperature and Humidity Logger

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