Tub O Towels Heavy-Duty 10" x 12" Size Multi-Surface Cleaning Wipes, 90 Count Per Canister

TUB O' TOWELS 10 x 12 Inch Heavy Duty Cleaning Wipes. Tub Of 90 Wipes. Removes heavy stains others wont! Tub O Towels can be used as automotive and car cleaning wipes, hand wipes for mechanics, for the office, boating, and RV's, and around the home. Use these tough cleaning wipes on hundreds of surfaces like tools, outdoor furniture, paint brushes, rollers and pans, fabric and carpet, leather, vinyl, metal, counter tops, walls, cleaning appliances, tile, cabinets, toilets, tubs and more
Tub O' Towels, 90/pkg:

  • These towels are bigger, tougher, and soaked with a knock-your-socks-off cleaning solution that overpowers even the most onerous grime
  • No water is needed and they will knock out grease, tar, ink, paint, and other tough messes
  • Unlike typical wimpy wipes, these thick towels hold up to vigorous scrubbing
  • Use them inside, outside, on the job, or on the go
  • There's almost nothing they won't clean
  • And while they're tough on stains, they're loaded with lanolin, aloe, and vitamin E so they leave your hands soft and clean
  • Each towel is 10" x 12" and this tub contains 90 solution-soaked scrubbing towels
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