Wax Pedicure and Manicure Machine for Feet and Hands with Heated Electrical Booties

About the product:
Hot compress physiotherapy, assistant absorption
Nursing products can be absorbed better
nursing effect can be multiplied with half the effort.
Infrared nanomaterials, close to the body breathable
Carbon fibre heating wire, safe and uniform heating
Far Infrared Nanomaterials, Close to the Body and Breath
Deep repair film, close to the body breathable
Natural flame retardant fibers with strong warmth retention
Fresh-keeping film, lock nutritional ingredients
Pain Relief: Calories can nourish the hand, ankles, feet and toes, warmth helps relieve arthritis or other diseases, and penetrates the feet that warm and soothe and soothe pain.
Improves blood circulation: This Tomalin Electric Heated Foot Cover & Gloves produces osmotic far infrared rays that accelerates skin metabolism and improves blood circulation.
Conducive to skin absorption of nutrients: it can help the essence or lotion penetrate into our skin more effectively, in order to achieve the best skin care results.
Wide range of applications: large opening, comfortable and easy to use.
Main role: These heated gloves have a good effect on arthritis, neuralgia and rheumatism.

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