Wideskall 24 – 38" inch Extendable Rubber Window Cleaning Squeegee & Sponge for Windshield

When it comes to cleaning your windows, this Wideskall Window Cleaning Squeegee and Sponge for a Windshield can offer you a reliable option. It has a wide rubber squeegee that will effectively remove messes from your windshield so you can see clearly. It is extendable for a custom reach from 24" to 38". It has a compact size that is easy to store in your garage until you are ready to clean your windows. It has a soft sponge side that will scrub dirt and gunk off your windshield. It has a grip on the end, so you can hold it securely as you clean windows. It will make a handy addition to your car cleaning gear.
Wideskall 24" to 38" Extendable Rubber Window Cleaning Squeegee and Sponge for Windshield:

  • Item length: 24" to 38" extendable
  • Extendable window squeegee size: 8"W
  • Body is made of aluminum
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